What is a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is part of a growing social movement that encourages urban & rural citizens to share responsibility for the land where their food is grown as well as how their food is produced. In simplest terms,

CSA is a partnership between agricultural producers and consumers.

Members or “shareholders” pay a fee at the beginning of the growing season to meet a farm’s operating expenses for the upcoming season. In return, members receive a portion of the farm’s produce each week throughout the growing season. 

2019 CSA Brochure and order form

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What is a CSA? 

How much is a CSA? 

What is in a VanScoy Typical amount of produce for one weekly subscription





Name ______________________________________________

Address ___________________________________________

City, State, Zip ____________________________________

Phone _____________________________________________

Email ______________________________________________



20 week Biweekly                        $280                    ________

20 week Weekly Share                 $540                    ________                  



Money orders, personal checks*, Visa & MasterCard accepted*


CASH: Total Enclosed _______


CHECK: _______ Full payment for my CSA Share enclosed

*$50 return check fee --- Refunds not available



*3.5% credit card charge


Credit Card Number: ______________________________

Expiration Date: ___________________________________

CCV: _______________

Signature: __________________________________________


_______ Paid in full

_______ Deposit of $100

Initial $100 down. The remaining balance is divided by the

number of months left until May 1, 2019. Automatically

charged on card on the 1st of every month.



(I understand pick-up locations will be determined by the number of subscribers in any give community and that home delivery is not available)


My preferred pick-up location

____ VanScoy Farms

____ Worthington Farmers Market





As a member of a CSA program with VanScoy Farms, I am making a financial commitment for the 2019 season to receive a weekly/biweekly produce box. I recognize that due to the inherent risks of farming, there are no guarantees on the exact amount of produce that I will receive due to weather extremes, insects, and/or other production factors. I am willing to share the risks of organic growing methods and reap the benefits along with the farmer. I understand that no refunds for CSA shares will be granted during the season. It is my responsibility to pick up my share at my selected pickup site during the designated time period or to send someone in my absence. 


Signature: ______________________________________

Date: _________________